Solving problems. Avoiding obstacles

At DT Civils, we own and operate our own Directional Drilling rigs, which can be used for a variety of multi-utility infrastructure installations, from Water, Gas and Sewer pipes to Electricity and Telecoms ducts.

The main advantage to you is the fact that it can avoid any costly obstacles and traditional open cut methods, which means it also has increased environmental benefits.

Saving money and the environment

With this method a pipe or duct of any diameter can be installed in one single operation. Directional Drilling prevents the need for costly and inefficient trenching methods, which are harmful to the environment and create waste materials.

Avoid obstacles like;

  • Railway crossings
  • River crossings
  • Runway crossings
  • Motorway crossings
  • Deep pipe runs
  • Protected environmental, SSSI or public areas
  • Congested urban areas
  • Buildings or structures