Scratching the surface of our rebrand

The wait is over, and we’re thrilled to finally unveil our new brand identity. Even from the start of this process, it was important for us to really dig deep into our old brand and take all of the fundamental brand values forward whilst embracing a fresh identity.

In homage to our new strapline, it was important that we didn’t just scratch the surface of this rebrand. The heart of DT Civils will always remain the same, and we can’t stress this enough. However as we advanced in our field and became leaders in our industry, we couldn’t help but feel that we needed an identity that effectively showcased the revolutionary technology and innovative service that we provide. We’re thrilled that this innovation is now highlighted by our new brand, logo and website.

The four colours of our new logo represent each of the four services that we provide; water, gas, electricity and telecoms. You’ll notice that each of these colours have been carefully incorporated into the design of our new website. Furthering on this concept of the multiple layers, our new strapline about scratching beneath the surface references the multiple layers of civils, drilling and utilities that we offer.

We’re delighted that we now have a new brand identity that effectively communicates the same key message that we’ve always presented; we don’t just scratch the surface of any project, we aim to dig a little deeper and get to the root of our client’s needs.

Of course, our customers will always continue to come first, so with that in mind, we’d love to know your thoughts on our new brand and website.